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We provide a limited warranty for the quality of the glue (whenever applicable) as to the quality and durability of our varnished floors.


Under no circumstances shall WoodTrend be liable or in any manner responsible for any claim, loss or damage arising from any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, regardless of theory, including, without limitation, any loss of time or use or any inconvenience, or any punitive or exemplary damages.

The limited warranty is restricted exclusively to the damaged planks and it is WoodTrend’s choice and decision if they will repair the defect in question or if they will exchange the damaged part for new planks.

No consequential damages are covered and where new planks are offered in exchange for the damaged planks, no labour is included, neither to remove the damaged planks, nor to install the new planks - and finally not to dispose off the old planks.

WoodTrend will deliver the substitute planks free of charge.

Due to the prolonged period of warranties then WoodTrend cannot guarantee that any future substitute plank will be exactly the same quality, dimension, construction or finish. WoodTrend promise to endeavour, within reasonable means, to supply a quality, dimension, construction and a finish as close to the original as possible.

WoodTrend guarantee that the species will be the same as originally purchased (subject no legal restrictions have been implemented in the interim).

For any warranty to be valid it is a requirement that a professional fitter has been used at installation, no installation has taken place in wet-rooms and that during usage, normal conditions have prevailed and that due precaution has been taken. This means that there cannot have been any excess temperature or moisture, that regular maintenance has taken place and that suitable footwear and protection have been utilized.

The guarantee applies only to a defect covering 10% or more of the installed floor - independent if it concerns glue or varnish. For the varnish it is based on normal residential or commercial use and does not cover damage from spiked heels, pets, erosion, dents, gravel, scratches from roller chairs or shifting furniture or improper maintenance.

For the varnish, a specific document is issued and is addition to the mentioned clauses in this Limited Warranty. To ensure correct procedure as well as to enable us to take necessary actions to prevent and/or reduce the risk of subsequent problems, it is a must that the original invoice is presented together with the warranty reference (a 4 or 6 digit code), latter provided at the packs at the time of installation.

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