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    Decking - FSC Ipe Pre-Grooved - 21 x 145 mm

    21 Jul 2017, 8:23 AM

    Ipe is often referred to as Brazilian Walnut. The wood is olive brown to dark brown in colour with reddish tints and distinctive light and dark marbling or striping. Ipe is extremely hard, dense, durable and stable making this timber ideal for decking. It weathers naturally to an even silver /grey over time. WoodTrend Ipe is AD (Air Dried).

    Product Info

    Product FSC IPE Decking Boards 21 x 145 mm x 1850 - 6096 mm
    Dimensions 21 x 145 mm x 1850 - 6096 mm
    Species Ipe
    Condition Air dried
    Quality Prime
    Surface Finish Machined-Smoothed, untreated and uncoated
    Edge Detail Rounded 4 Edges 3 mm radius + Pre-Grooved
    Type Solid Decking Board
    Installation Hidden deck fasteners or Screwed ‘Top Down’ with tapered Ipe plugs
    Structural Deck – BS 8201:1987 – maximum span of joists is 600 mm
    WoodTrend suggest 400mm joist centres
    Stainless steel fixings only
    Durability Very durable and highly resistant against fungi and termites.

    Technical Information

    Main Species Ipe (Tabebuia spp.)
    Wood Type Tropical Hardwood
    Distribution / Origin Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.
    Allergic Reactions Known to cause respiratory and contact dermatitis allergic reactions.
    Care should be taken when exposed to the dust of Ipe.
    Density at 20% M.C. 1100 kilos/m3
    Average Hardness Janka: 3680 (White Oak: 1360)
    Brinell: 5.9 (White Oak: 3.8)
    1% Moisture Movement High 0.25-0.35% based tangential / radial shrinkage = width
    General Characteristics Sapwood is white and clearly demarcated from the heartwood; Heartwood is yellowish-brown to dark olive-brown, sometimes with thin veins. Canals contain a greenish yellow deposit.

    Decking - FSC Ipe Pre-Grooved - 21 x 145 mm

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