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    Woodtrend New Oak engineered Flooring Range

    We open the Woodtrend flooring show with RHYTHM. All the names of the floors in this range are musical terms. When you order your floor, we set to work composing your finish. RHYTHM shades and textures are finished to suit not only your style but more importantly, your lifestyle. Durability is the key word! Durability is the Drum Beat... Our RHYTHM floors are designed to embrace a scratch, a mark, and a spill. These are real floors made for the real world and real living.
    Woodtrend New Oak engineered Flooring Range
    woodtrends new flooring range
    Central European Oak
    WBP Birch Plywood
    Moisture Content: Between 8 - 11%
    Minimum Length 80% between 1.8 - 2.4m, maximum Length 20% between 0.6 - 1.8m (unless otherwise requested / advised)
    Tongue & grooved all 4 edges
    Bevelled 2 long edges only (unless otherwise requested / advised)
    Maximum bow along the length allowed - 30mm

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    Woodtrend Rhythm Range



    We celebrate the rich variety of natural wood characteristics such as knots, mineral highlights, pin holes, distinctive differences in colour, grain configuration, grain texture and details. Woodtrend considers the natural appearance in the timber as an opportunity rather than a defect. Only timber that will affect the structure of the board will be rejected. We are calling the specification grade selected for the RHYTHM Range AUTHENTIC. A hand selected mix of the European Grades of Prime, Nature, Rustic and Character. This mix of grades is what every log provides, and we will use the full range of it including the 'flaw' to craft your floor! Each board will be different. We listen to the wood, follow the grain of the wood by hand. The results are always beautiful, original, and astonishing, like nature itself! The result is a work of ART you can live on.  


    In the Authentic Grade selected for the RHYTHM Range we allow only healthy knots up to 55mm diameter, filled cracked knots up to 55 diameter and filled dead knot holes up to 20mm diameter. Replacement knots may be used on larger dead knot holes. The total number of knots allowed is unlimited. For our RHYTHM Range, we also select oak that has limited small bark pockets with end splits up to 1mm in width and 100mm in length but limited to 20% of the total volume. We don't allow any worm holes but select boards that have some edge sap limited to 30% of the width of the board and small amounts of dark heart wood. All timber has natural colour and grain variations and we celebrate these characteristics and work with them to create these beautiful and totally unique finishes.


    The craftmanship required to make the natural characteristics of the oak on each board unique and durable is our strength and requires skill and patience. Any batch of flooring will, in all probability, come from more than one tree and will have a wide distribution of colour, grain, mineral density and fibre density. These natural variations inherent in the wood react differently to the fuming and colouring processes in our RHYTHM Range resulting in an array of colours and tones around a central base colour. The surface appearance and the physical feel of a RHYTHM floor is lively and textured.


    Our superbly hand- finished and hand textured engineered floors are designed for action-packed lives with the most practical durable finishes on the market today. We have now also introduced our very own Toughtrend finish on all our floors. Toughtrend has been specially formulated for our RHYTHM Range. Our clients have been asking Woodtrend for beautiful but practical engineered floors for many years. Floors that don't scream 'DAMAGED' after a few scratches, marks and stains. We rose to the challenge and after 5 years of research and experimentation we now offer Woodtrends RHYTHM Range with a Toughtrend finish. A Woodtrend-only Flooring Range with 33 new colours and textures made to live on with gusto. A Woodtrend RHYTHM floor is made for domestic and commercial installations where floors need to be beautiful, need to compliment the environment, enhance the design, and also be practical and durable.


    You can order your Authentic Grade Rhythm floor online. Most of the finishes take 2-4 weeks to finish, depending on quantity and all the hand carved take 6 weeks. If you don't see what you want online, require FSC certification or would like any of our shades in a Prime Grade, please call us on 0207460 5000 and we can make you a floor in a pristine-clean grade to suit your design and requirements. You can also craft and compose your own RHYTHM Floor out of our European Oak. Your colour, your widths, your choice of grade, your texture, with a little something different on the surface, a higher or lower sheen, a different shade, a mix of widths or longer lengths anything is possible. Woodtrend can make all RHYTHM floors in Herringbone, Chevron, Basked Weave or any patterns you may want to compose. It will cost a little more, take a little longer to produce but if it can be made, then Woodtrend can make it! 


    Practical, easy to clean and maintain, the RHYTHM range is designed for dancing on, walking on, talking on, playing on, greeting on, celebrating on, growing on, entertaining on, acting on, singing on, thinking on, debating on, shopping on, cooking on, greeting on, relaxing on, relying on. Made for big rooms, small rooms, big spaces, small spaces, loud spaces, quiet spaces.

    A RHYTHM floor is for the ages.

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