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    Hidden Deck Fastener
    Woodtrend hidden deck fastening systems eliminate the need for screws or holes on the face of the decking board. The systems allow for quick, easy, hidden and precise installation and provide maximum holding power. Read More

    Hidden Deck Fastener

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    EBTY AD (Air Dried) Hidden deck fastener- 2.4mm

    Price £82.99 ex. VAT
    Code: 423
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    EBTY KD (Kiln Dried) Hidden deck fastener - 6.4mm

    Price £82.99 ex. VAT
    Code: 650
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    HardWood Clip MEDIUM (for Kiln Dried timber) - 5mm

    Price £91.49 ex. VAT
    Code: 967
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    HardWood Clip SMALL (for Air Dried timber) - 3mm

    Price £91.49 ex. VAT
    Code: 863

    Hidden Deck Fastener

    The systems allow for quick, easy, hidden and precise installation and provide maximum holding power.

    The automatic gap spacing for Air Dried (AD) timbers is 3mm and 5-7mm for Kiln Dried (KD) timbers (depending on specie and moisture content)

    If your timber has not been purchased at Woodtrend please ask your supplier if the timber is KD (Kiln Dried) or AD (Air Dried).

    We sell the system in packs which include the spacer, stainless steel screws, Ipe plugs and a driver bit for the screws.
    N.B The spacer itself does not hold the boards in place but the screws which are driven in at a 45 degree angle through the decking board into the joist.

    Woodtrend now supply our Ipe and Cumaru decking boards pregrooved along the edge of the boards to enable easy use of the hidden deck fastening system. If you purchase an ungrooved board then a biscuit cutter or router is required.

    Before purchasing any hidden deck fastener for KD Timbers, please contact Woodtrend regarding the chosen specie of timber, thickness and Moisture Content at time of purchase.

    Some species are not appropriate for the hidden deck fastener. The climate and time of year can also affect the movement of the timber.
    Please call us on 0207 460 5000 to discuss your project; whatever the size we can help. Alternatively, you can send an enquiry using the form below and we’ll get right back to you.
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