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    Kiln Dried Firewood

    • Minimum 14kg of firewood per box!
    • Low Moisture Content - kiln dried to reach a moisture content of less than 20%. This creates a high calorific power, quick starting the perfect fire which is cleaner due to less smoke. It is "Ready to Burn" Certified.
    • Ultra-high calorific power - produces around 4000 MJ/kg, which requires less firewood to produce the same calorific power.
    • Suitable for burning stoves, chimneys, firepits, open fires, barbecues and pizza ovens!
    • Environmentally friendly - produced from offcuts and waste of finished wood products - part of our zero-waste production.
    • In the box - Pieces are packed in a sturdy box to allow for easy handling & clean storage. The beautiful box is designed to look good in your living room and kitchen.


    Woodtrend Kiln Dried Firewood is low in moisture and quick to catch alight. Placing it too close to heat sources may cause pieces to ignite, so make sure to store in a safe place, away from heat sources.

    Woodtrend Kiln Dried Firewood is boxed, should be stored indoors, and not exposed to the elements. When stored incorrectly it can re-absorb moisture and deteriorate.

    For safe and effective usage, always keep chimneys and flue ways clear and ensure your appliance has adequate ventilation.

    A fireguard should always be used with an open fire.

    Weight: 14 kg
    Price £26.99 ex. VAT

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    Let Woodtrend help you to create a beautiful natural space with our range of premium and ethically sourced hardwood flooring, cladding and decking.

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    Kiln Dried Firewood

    Kiln Dried Firewood
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