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    Woodtrend and The Environment

    You want to buy timber. We want to sell you timber .
    We know you have questions on sustainability, environmental responsibility, Chain of custody, certification, due diligence and illegal logging. We are confident we can answer these vital and necessary questions. We take your environmental concerns seriously.

    Woodtrend and The Environment
    Chain of custody and Certification FSC® and PEFC are currently the two main certification providers. For the certification to be awarded all stages of the process must have been inspected and certified.

    Woodtrend is proud to have achieved FSC®and PEFC chain of custody certification

    Chain of custody is defined as the path taken by raw materials, processed materials and finished products from the forest to the consumer including each stage of transformation, manufacturing, storage and transport where progress to the next stage involves change of ownership of the materials or products Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
    Woodtrend and The Environment
    Woodtrend and The Environment

    Timber is one of the greenest materials available. It absorbs carbon while growing, uses low energy in conversion to wood based products and is a renewable material . Woodtrend recognises that forests are critical for sustainable development...
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    Woodtrend and The Environment
    Environmental Responsibility

    We are committed to the responsible management of forests to maintain their full range of environmental, social and economic values...
    Woodtrend and The Environment
    Due Diligence

    Woodtrend is proud to have The Responsible Purchasing Process certificate. This is an internationally recognized due diligence System developed exclusively for TTF members to meet the requirements of its Sustainability Code of Conduct and EUTR Timber Regulation...
    Woodtrend and The Environment

    The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into force in March 2013 and prohibits the placing of illegally harvested timber on the European market. Crucially the EUTR requires companies placing timber or timber products on the European market (both imported and domestic) for the first time to implement a due diligence system...


    Woodtrend and The Environment
    Code of Conduct

    You can take comfort in the knowledge that Woodtrend operates under a Code of Conduct as proof of their integrity. Woodtrend is committed to the Timber Trade Federation Code of Conduct and applies the Environmental Code of Practice to all wood procurement activities.
    Woodtrend and The Environment
    Illegal logging

    Woodtrend is committed to purchasing all timber from legal sources and will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of the country. The company unreservedly condemns illegal logging practices and will keep informed of international processes and changes in legislation.

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